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Springtime in Copenhagen

Taking a Royal City Break for a few Days
Have your Dreams ever been full of Castles, Fairy tales, Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses? Well, if yes, then there’s a good chance all of them were in Denmark… The Kingdom of Denmark is the oldest existing Monarchy in Europe today. Dotted with historic summer Palaces, Mansions and Gardens, all
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Dracula’s Land – BRASOV

All Travellers have a Home and mine is Romania…being my home soil, a part of me thinks of it every day of course… I admit, it was hard to pick from what I know as everyday Life, to show you here on Journey To Places the essence of Romania. A view straight to its’ heart to understand the history and
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"I walked with a Lion through his Kingdom….and I Loved it!"
The Republic of Singapore or ‘The Lion City’ is the worlds’ only island city-state globally recognized as one of the most prosperous and highly developed economies in South East Asia…but it is so much more than just a shining economic jewel boasting standards of living and education that are up there

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