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Welcome! This is a digital photographic journal and a self-made hub full of travel tips, ideas & inspiration, helpful for your future travels

Hi, I’m Rafaela, I LOVE travelling and I am passionate about Photography & Beauty in All its’ forms. Wherever there’s something worth remembering, I am the one trying to capture it, everywhere, every time…

As an avid Explorer of the World, my actual, physical Journey started in the Rocky Woodlands and stunning Forests of Romania, but my Spiritual Journey? That started here, in the Rainforests and Tropical Beaches of Asia, namely in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia, which has become a second Home to me for the past 6 years, ever since I’ve moved here. Between my 2 cities, I’ve ventured to nearly 40 countries so far, and plan on increasing that number, which means, by my count, I have 157 countries still to go… 🙂
Do YOU want to join me as I explore more of each one of them?

Well, thanks to the Digital Age, you now can, right here on journeytoplaces. Consider this my personal Travel Log of sorts, it has the Story so far, and what I hope to, and will be – Articles, Videos, Reviews and Travel Tips. Whatever you may be looking for, as you search the Globe for your own Places and answers – maybe some of the stuff here can help you, as much as it helped me…

Check out the site, and get in touch if you need to…but most importantly, don’t forget to keep reaching for the Horizon!

Remember: There’s only one Planet Earth and you have only one Life to Live it…so let’s get Going!

Happy travels!

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