Why Hike Mountain Nyiragongo In Congo


Have you ever asked yourself why on earth would you want to hike through Nyiragongo Mountain and not any other mountain? Well, for something more challenging and breathtaking, consider hiking through Nyiragongo Volcano a must while on your safari in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

This mountain is one of the few most active volcanoes and powerful in the world. A visit to its summit welcomes you with breathtaking views of the smoky and misty Lava Lake. It features the largest Lava Lake on its summit emits smoky like substance that attracts most hikers on a safari in Congo.

Nyiragongo is a true description of breathtaking beauty a reason you need to hike through it. Its Lava Lake has a diameter of about 2 kilometers and at its base, you will be amazed by its great boiling rate that shows inform of smoke and at night, it leaves you in wonders as it glows. This Lava Lake was discovered around 1894 by German explorer.

This volcano lies suitably within the Virunga National Park a home to the rare mountain gorillas. This strata-volcano lies at an altitude of about 3470 meters and can easily be spotted while you are in Goma and Lake Kivu. It is about half an hours’ drive from Goma International Airport and one hour if you are coming from Mikeno lodge where the staff members of the Virunga National Park are found.

Drive to Kibati patrol post at the base of this volcano that also rewards you with incredible views of this natural wonder. This mountain is known for its rampant eruptions and believed to have erupted 40 times with the recent one in 2002. Previously, it also erupted especially in 1977 that left hundreds dead.

Its volcanic activity comes with many effects especially to surrounding communities but leaves amazing features as well. The hike through this volcano may take you about 6 hours depending on your hiking speed.

The hike starts with a morning briefing by a park ranger at the base and then you the trail. En-route, you have a chance to come across various primates, birds and catch a glimpse at the magnificent rainforest. The hike takes you through different parks with the first that starts with an amazing exploration of the dense forest and can be a long hike but rewarding.

You will see a variety of forest dwellers in this section and you do not need to worry about luggage there are porters for hire to help you out and you only concentrate on your adventure. You will then proceed to thin forest area, walk slowly along the trail that was natural created To be part of this life-changing and challenging adventure, you need to be physically fit to make a complete hike.

Getting to Nyiragongo Mountain
This volcano lies in close proximity to Goma city and at the border with Rwanda. You can fly and land into Kigali Airport and then connect to DR Congo about 3 hours and a half drive to Gisenyi a border town of Goma on the side of Rwanda. From here, proceed to Grande Barriere on a taxi if you used a public means from Kigali and start your trail in Kibati about 15 kilometers. The hike begins at 10:00 and to make things easier, better you spend a night in Goma town.

Booking for Nyiragongo hiking permit
You can visit the Virunga National Park’s website www.visitvirunga.org and simply send them an email and you will get a reply as soon as possible. Permits for this breathtaking adventure cost $300 and you need to book one early enough. This volcano is best explored during the dry season which starts from June to September and December to February.

What to pack for Nyiragongo hike
The key items for you pack for this thrilling experience include waterproof hiking boots, clothes, rain jacket, sleeping bag, food, water, a walking stick which you can get at the park entrance, flashlight and others.

Conclusively, a hike through Nyiragongo rewards you with not only the most thrilling experiences but also with a variety of flora and fauna species en-route. For any plans to visit Virunga National Park for gorilla treks, the Nyiragongo hike is one most amazing experiences you need not miss to be part of.

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