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The Lost City of Angkor The 8th Wonder of the World

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Ancient Temples have always fascinated me… how did they build them? How was it possible for the Great Wall of China to be so large it can be seen from Space? How did Machu Picchu perch itself in the sky?.. Chichen Itza, Stonehenge,the Great Pyramid of Giza… all built with such precision, planning and detail, in a Time void of Technology and yet they have least in discernable form, for Millennia.

Sea Gypsies in a Water World – The Bajau Laut Tribe

Sabah, Malaysia

I believe there still exists, out there in the Wild Blue Yonder tribes of Marine Nomads that live on the outer edges of Civilisation. Real life explorers of the Oceans that rely on its immense Natural Beauty. Through their unique lifestyle, you can uncover some outstanding facets of a rare piece of humanity. In the ‘Coral Triangle’ they cover an area of 6 million square kilometres of Ocean, stretching between Malaysia (Sabah), Indonesia and the Philippines. Within the richest marine environment and next to the best diving spots on Earth, you can find one of these Marine Tribes: the Bajau Laut, also known as “The Sea Gypsies”.

Dracula’s Land – BRASOV


All Travellers have a Home, and mine is Romania…being my home soil, a part of me thinks of it every day of course…and I admit it was hard to pick from what I know as everyday Life, to show you here on Journey To Places…There will be more places for sure, but first… if you want an idea of the essence of Romania, a view straight to its’ heart, to understand it’s history and cultural heritage, the way people go about their day to day lives and what makes it a wonderful place. …I offer you Brasov County.

Lounging on the Riviera Maya – Cancún


Cancún is one of the most popular tourist hot spots in Mexico…If spectacular white powdery beaches and turquoise crystal clear lagoons are your things, or if your curiosity fires to vibrant nightlife and ancient Mayan history: Cancún, Mexico is your place… Cancún offers a fascinating mix of culture, food and natural beauty. It’s a place where you can choose whatever pace and lifestyle that suits your frame of mind, at any time…


Fes, Casablanca & Marrakesh

Imagine Sand Dunes at Sunset, the aroma of freshly-brewed Moroccan Coffee carried on Desert Winds, permeating through A City on Fire with lights at Night…These are just some of the amazing memories I have from my trip to Morocco. An ageless place that oozes character. There’s a story down every winding street, the bizarre in the Bazaars, and all are stories you will never forget.


Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui is one of the most popular beach destinations in South East Asia and the third largest island off the East coast of Thailand, easily accessible by flight or ferry from the Capital City Bangkok, but also reachable from neighbouring islands Phuket, Krabi and even from Chiang Mai, up North.


Mount Bromo, Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most geologically active regions in the world situated on the Pacific “Ring of fire”, has one of the highest density of volcanoes, 76 of which are still active today.
In the centre of it, lies Surabaya, the second largest city after Jakarta, a gateway from where Mount Bromo, Yogyakarta and the islands of Bali and Lombok can easily be accessed.

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