The more tourist destinations to visit in Switzerland and is located on the north shore of Lake Zurich, which provides a wonderful view of the horizon of snow-covered Alps, as it is characterized by a diversity of cultures and frequently entertaining activities.

Located between the near Alpine peaks and many mountainous terrain of Jura is located in the Gulf, where Lake Geneva separated from the Rhône River and is characterized by its inhabitants hospitality and love of the people of other cultures and there are many attractions such as docks, parks, beaches and luxurious gardens, streets, vibrant store.

Overlooking the spectacular view of the river of Lucerne and the Alps and the city where not allowed to drive cars and contains paintings and the bridge is due to the Middle Ages is located in the city center as well as the historic homes decorated with stucco.

Located between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz It oversees three huge mountains which rent and Monk and Jongvro and is the capital of adventures in Switzerland and contains more than 45 mountain roads Air trains and ski lifts and slopes, up 150 miles, as well as special methods for enthusiasts to walk and is receiving a lot of visitors in winter from around the world.