Explore Manaus


The Manaus city of the most beautiful city in the state of Amazonas in the north of Brazil, located at the confluence of the Black and Solimoes and a population of about two million people and is one of the most populous cities and fascinating tourist destinations so as to possess a beautiful tourist places such as parks and opera houses, cathedrals and ancient museums as they In 2014 m was one of the host cities for the World Cup

The city has a tropical climate where the seasonal hot summer and mild winter slant of the cooler so Vonsp times visit will be in the summer and spring
Tourists can walk around to see the sights of a history of the beautiful city as the city offers exciting trips to the forests of the city to breathe air fresh and spend the most beautiful times which also offers other trips across the rivers of the city and picturesque lakes and can then if they are fishing enthusiasts enjoy the practice of this exciting sport

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