Explore the Germany City of Kiel

Port of Kiel

Kiel is a city and seaport located in the north of Germany and is the capital of the state of Schleswig – Holstein one of the States of Germany sixteen.

Known for many years, being a city and an arsenal important freely even today is full of vital scenes of the city and the activity pattern quiet life and civil aspects, which are reflected to a large extent through its picturesque views of the San maritime agent and through the heart of the city welcoming talk, such as Dane Street, and the room is magnificent characteristic of the agent as well as a lot of luxury luxury buildings that date back to the era of Grondrcait.

Includes a bouquet sights of the city of agent rocky coast picturesque in Friedrics Oort neighborhood in north agent and beaches and tours Hiking in the narrow Gulf on the West Bank in addition to the seaport and the living marine Botanical Garden of the University Christian Albrecht Street Holstein in addition to the many museums such as ships Museum overlooking the pier Sartori and Maritime Museum computer.

The famous Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival Summer premier event for the city – as it is a magical power to attract tens of thousands of tourists.

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