Royal Hofburg Palace in Austria


The Royal Hofburg palace in Vienna, Austria, the headquarters of some of the most powerful figures in European history and Austrian including the Habsburg dynasty rulers of the empire of Austria-Hungary who lived in it for more than 700 years, and by then, the palace was until 1918 the castle dating back to the thirteenth century.

After the takeover of the Habsburg rule and expand throughout the empire, the castle was converted into the headquarters of the currently represents a wonderful palace official residence of the President of the Republic, and a convention center, and is also home to countless art collections.

Actually, since 1279 was the palace area serves as the seat of government for the various empires and republics, and over the centuries the region has expanded to include:
Different housing and Imperial Church and a number of museums and library Austrian Empire and the empire Treasury and the National Theatre School and equestrian stables and horses and Hofburg Congress Center.

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